Instant Event — A Guide for Last-Minute Party Planning

If you’ve been tasked with planning a party at the eleventh hour, you’re going to need some help on what to do and what not to do to pull together a successful event. We can help.


• Establish your budget right from the start. Then make sure there’s a bit extra for emergencies. Last-minute crises happen even when you’ve been preparing for months, so it’s especially important to have a reserve just in case something goes wrong.

• Pull together a team. It’s vital to recognize that this is too big a task to tackle alone. Enlist the aid of others who can help, and don’t hesitate to delegate. A team effort is going to relieve you of a lot pressure you may be feeling.
• Maintain realistic expectations. It’s quite likely that your ideal venue, caterer, or entertainer will already be booked. It’s critical for both you and your client to accept that you may have to compromise and be flexible about your expectations.
• Be a creative problem-solver. Is everyone in the office busy the evening of your holiday party? Plan it over the lunch hour instead. All the photographers you’ve reached out to are booked? Put disposable cameras at every table or better still, ask attendees to shoot and share photos of the event on a private social media page.


• Put off set up until the last minute. If possible, plan to have your team gather to set up furniture, decorations, registration tables, and any other elements the day before the event to eliminate stress and effectively address any issues without panicking.
• Complicate things. Avoid complicated menus or elaborate decorations. Keep things simple and achievable to avoid added stress.
• Forget to breathe. Try to remain calm and focused. The more you panic the more likely you’ll be to make mistakes. Just remember, the point of the party is to gather everyone together for a celebration. Even the simplest of parties can achieve that goal. You’ve got this!

Kris McNeely, Content Editor | meetingpages |

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