Profitable Promos — How to Get the Most for Your Money

If you take a few seconds to look around your office, you might be surprised to see just how many items are promotional products from other businesses--the pen from your bank, the calendar from your insurance agent, the mouse pad from your realtor. If you’ve ever wondered just how profitable it is to invest in branded swag, the products in your own office and home alone should dispel any doubt.  

So now that you’re convinced, how do you make sure you get the best return on investment for your promo products?

• Make sure they’re “sticky.” We don’t mean sticky like glue; “sticky” as in staying power. By choosing a quality product that your potential customer is likely to keep, such as a coffee mug or t-shirt, you ensure that they continue to see (and think about) your brand every time they use that item.

• Ask for something in return. While your promo item is technically free to your potential customer, you can ask them to give you something in return—an email address or phone number, for example. While that branded pen cost you $.19, the information they give you in return is much more valuable.

• Stay connected to your customers. Let’s go back to that calendar you receive every year from your insurance agent. It’s an ideal way for them to show you they value your business and it might actually make you feel appreciated. Staying connected to your current customers in this way is a great strategy for building customer loyalty.

• Make it portable. If you’re handing out swag at a trade show where many attendees are from out of town, make sure your product is portable. Can it be easily packed in a suitcase? Is it fragile? Will it comply with FAA safety restrictions? All of these are important considerations if you want your product to make it home with the attendee.

Now that you’ve spent the money and time to purchase the promos and give them away, don’t forget to follow up. Reach out to that potential customer by email or phone and find out what your company can do for them. With your pen in their pocket, they’re much more likely to respond positively.

Kris McNeely, Content Editor | meetingpages |

As a freelance editor and writer for more than twenty years, Kris McNeely has had the opportunity to write and edit everything from non-fiction books to blog posts, web content to white papers, ads to articles. She was named an Erma Bombeck Humor Writer of the Month, has been featured in multiple anthologies, and was selected by Amtrak Railway Service as one of five travel writers from among a pool of 1500 applicants nationwide. In her free time, she likes to jog, garden, travel, and spend time with her two kids and three grandchildren.