Survey Says ... 10 Follow Up Questions to Ask Attendees

You’ve just finished laying out your annual sales meeting or conference but before you are finished, you know a successful event strategy is not complete without identifying what questions you will ask your stakeholders after the virtual, hybrid or in person event is over. After all, an event survey completed by your attendees is the best way to measure satisfaction. Whether your goal is to build a case for pitching future event sponsors or to improve attendance or attendee experience at your next event, here are 10 follow up questions to ask attendees to get you started:

How satisfied were you with the event experience?

How satisfied were you with the networking options available during the event?

How satisfied were you with the speakers and content?

How satisfied were you with the virtual platform or event location?

What did you like best about the meeting or event?

What areas can we improve upon for next year?

What topics would you like to see addressed in the future?

What was your main objective when registering for the event? Were you able to fulfill it?

What impact do you see this event having on your immediate business goals?

Will you attend this event again?

Remember, event engagement is more than selling sponsors or registration. With the help of event survey tools and the right “asks”, you can get to the core question “how do I know if my event was successful?”.

Casey Romano, Publisher | meetingpages |

Creator of digital platform meetingpages complete event planning directory and resource delivering leads and national, regional and local exposure for event venues, suppliers and destinations in MN, WI, IA & CO markets. In her free time, this 19 year industry veteran enjoys dance, group fitness, and training her young golden retriever dog in competition obedience and confirmation.