Marriott coming to Lake Delton

Lake Delton will soon be home to a new hotel. A site plan, architectural plan and conditional use permit for a Marriott Spring Hill Suites Hotel by Parkway Hotel Group LLC at 461 Wisconsin Dells Parkway was approved at the village board meeting Monday.

The hotel will be using one of the lots previously held by the Pine Aire and Evergreen Hotels. The village purchased the lots for $700,000 earlier this year. The group will be given the land as an incentive for building and will have right of first refusal on the second lot.

Village Trustee Tom Diehl said the village has wanted to encourage more chain hotels to come to the area. He said the days of smaller hotels are fading unless they have strong repeat business.

“We have some tremendous properties like the Grand Marquis and Baker’s Sunset Bay, and I can name quite a few that have tremendous repeat business,” Diehl said. “But for the traveling public, it’s changed dramatically to the chain properties. That’s why there hasn’t been any new construction in the village or city that involved anything but chains.”

The hotel will be four stories and contain 95 rooms. The conditional use permit allows the hotel to exceed 35 feet and to have an extra driveway on Newsom Street. The plans are currently at the state for approval. The project is planned to break ground within the next few weeks, with a projected finish of March 2015.

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