Dashing Through a WI Virtual Holiday Party

For many, mid-December is synonymous with Wisconsin association, trade and office holiday parties, gatherings and events. But this year, for obvious reasons, these in-person get-togethers are off the table.

In a year in which many have lost so much, the idea of cancelling this annual tradition may seem unimportant or inconsequential. However, these anticipated events do serve an important function when it comes to work culture. They provide a unique opportunity to get to know your business partners, customers and colleagues by allowing people to break out of their shell and connect in a way they may not during the workday.

Instead of skipping this tradition all together, why not pivot to a virtual event to facilitate this anticipated connection that is likely lacking more so after nearly a year of working remotely during the pandemic? So long as you eliminate pressure to participate making the event optional, accessible, and make it a minimal to low effort event at a convenient time, you may be surprised at the attendance and reception you receive. Here are some of our favorite virtual holiday party ideas to consider:

Offer a Virtual Game or Activity Experience … Contests Included:

Host a Ugly Sweater or Zoom Background Contest.

Play an industry or company related game of Trivia or workplace specific Pictionary.

Listen to a Virtual Concert

Do a Craft that can be done from a desk or breaking into smaller groups for team building.

Do a Wine Tasting (or whisky or beer … with or without alcohol) … Sign up for an official tasting or put together your own flights by taking recommendations from the team or choosing a theme to build your event around. You could even add a charcuterie board content with a prize for the best looking spread!

Try a Virtual Escape Room.

Send everyone supplies ahead and offer a Cooking Class or simply send each worker a pizza and/or bottle of wine to enjoy apart “together”.

The sky is the virtual limit. Whatever you choose, you and your team won’t regret this fun opportunity to “check in” while carrying on this holiday tradition.

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Casey Romano, Publisher | meetingpages | casey@meetingpages.com

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