Safe & Sound — The Role of Two-Way Radio in Event Security

The set up and execution of a large-scale gala can be a logistical nightmare. When your team is scattered across a large area and you need to talk to everyone NOW, what can you do? The answer is two-way radio. Effective communication with your team is the one thing that can keep your event secure, trouble-free, and on schedule, and that makes everyone happy!

Use two-way radio communication at your event to manage security and crowd control, collaborate cross-functional teams, coordinate equipment, resources and provisions, all while keeping your event running smoothly. Two-way communication saves you time by allowing you to maintain instant and constant contact with your team(s), helping you avoid costly mistakes, while giving you the ability to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Best of all, you can rent two-way radios on a daily, weekly, monthly or contract basis at rates that are quite affordable.
There are several two-way radio options to consider based on your application.  Here are a couple:

• Portable to Portable – Portable two-way radios are lightweight and rugged. They are easily passed out to your team for immediate use. Simple push-to-talk and release-to-listen technology. Supplied with high-capacity and long-lasting batteries with rapid charging equipment. A perfect communication solution for on-site events.

• Base Station | Mobile to Portables – This option provides you with a central radio location where a key individual or dispatcher has direct communications with an unlimited quantity of portable two-way radios throughout your event site. This is a perfect solution for an event that has a central planning area, allowing those in charge to delegate and coordinate events.

• Wide-Area Coverage – This option could also utilize the base station/mobile and/or the portable two-way radio scenario, but has greater area coverage. This is a perfect option if you are dealing with buses and transportation coordination or have different events at multiple campuses. This allows you to have instant communications with those far away and gives you greater control.

All of these options are available with a variety of accessories, which include speaker microphones, light- and heavy-duty headsets, surveillance microphones and earpieces to suit your specific needs.

Midwest Radio Rentals has been serving the event and hospitality markets since 1995. MRR provides the most up-to-date Motorola equipment and accessories available, along with a digital wide-area network covering the Twin Cities Metro and much of Southern Minnesota. With a large inventory on hand, they’re ready to provide communication solutions to you via local delivery, pickup, UPS or FedEx.  Offices are located in Burnsville and Rochester, MN to serve you.

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Gary Range, Director of Sales & Marketing | Midwest Radio Rentals - Twin Cities |

Gary Range has been in the two-way radio communications industry for 35 years, 31 of which with Motorola Solutions. He held positions in Sales, Service, Training, and various management roles. Over the years, he received numerous corporate and industry awards for his accomplishments, including that as System Manager for the State of Minnesota ARMER Public Safety Network.

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