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meetingpages 2018 spotlight Featured Editorial*

January – Get Up + Go — Hottest Destinations in 2018
Featuring CVBs.
Space close January 12, 2018. Featured January 16, 2018.

February – Meet Your Match — Top Convention & Conference Centers
Featuring convention and conference center event venues.
Space close February 9, 2018. Featured February 13, 2018.

March – Get a Room — Good Sport — Golfing, Boating, and Other Sport’s Activities
Featuring sports activity event venues and space.
Space close March 9, 2018. Featured March 13, 2018.

April Stay & Play — Hotel and Casino Top Picks
Featuring casino hotel venues.
Space close April 6, 2018. Featured April 10, 2018.

May Get Away — Corporate Retreats That Revitalize Your Team
Featuring corporate retreat venues with and without lodging.
Space close May 4, 2018. Featured May 8, 2018.

June Wide Open Spaces — Lake, Mountain, and Countryside Resorts
Featuring golf, lake and mountain resort event venues.
Space close June 8, 2018. Featured June 12, 2018.

July Delicious Dishes — Caterers & Restaurants You Must Try
Featuring caterering companies and restaurant private rooms.
Space close July 13, 2018. Featured July 17, 2018.

August Local Appeal — Attractions in Your Area
Featuring activity venues for events ... theaters, musuems, theme parks, sports arenas and more.
Space close August 10, 2018. Featured August 14, 2018.

September Special Spaces — 10 Unusual Venues Visitors Love
Featuring unique meeting and event venues.
Space close September 7, 2018. Featured September 11, 2018.

October On Loan — The Latest in Event Rentals
Featuring suppliers who rent out place settings, linens, lighting, tents, furniture, radios and more.
Space close October 12, 2018. Featured October 16, 2018.

November Team Up — Best Team Building Activities
Featuring team building activity venues.
Space close November 9, 2018. Featured November 13, 2018.

December Gala Affair — Planning the Perfect Party
Featuring event venues, caterers, audio visual rentals, entertainers, transportation services and more.
Space close November 30, 2018. Featured December 4, 2018.

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