See the Light — What’s New in Lighting

Lighting is a very exciting medium as it can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of an event.  The landscape of what is possible is ever-changing, with new technologies and techniques continually trending.

Illuminating to add mood

At AV for You, decor lighting is a fun aspect of what we do at many events. Sometimes all it takes is basic uplighting to economically transform a room. Often times a few gobos projected on the wall or backdrop can add mood and texture to really make a room pop. 

Enlightening to enhance decor

Video mapping is a new technology that brings more options to the planners’ tool bag. On a large scale you can see amazing examples of video mapping on the exterior of entire buildings at night. AV for You has taken this technology and recreated it on a smaller scale. With video mapping, a client can create stunning active wall paper for a room that changes and moves. It’s possible to fashion an arch out of three dimensional objects, such as a simple box that comes alive through the magic of video mapping. This living arch acts as the opening to a runway for a fashion show. The possibilities for video mapping are only limited by one's imagination.

Brightening to the beat

The second in-vogue new technology now available is BlinkFX wearable light up bracelets. BlinkFX describes their product “as an innovative wearable lighting system that engages live audiences by making them part of the show through a variety of customizable interactive light-up wristbands and other devices.  BlinkFX leverages industry standard DMX lighting controls to wirelessly make devices blink, flash and glow in synchronization to content or music.”

AV for You will be incorporating the DMX programmable light up bracelets into a lighting package for an upcoming wedding. The color scheme and monogram on the invitation will be carried through to the reception room's lighting, and to the bracelet that is given to each guest as they arrive. Throughout the night, the room lighting and bracelet will be synchronized to color change in unison to the beat of the music or the mood of the decor in the room. In this way, guests are not only treated to a great light show, but they are actually a part of it.

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Josh Reitan, Owner | AV For You

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