All the Trimmings: 6 Foods Every Holiday Menu Should Feature

Want to ensure your holiday event is a culinary success? Turn to these 6 food concepts every holiday menu would be a miss without.

Local flavor.

If your guests are traveling to your event, serve them what the locals love. Anything with cheese will do. Walleye will wow them! Rock their world with Rocky Mountain Oysters. Cuisine that is destination specific will prove a real treat for everyone.

Cooking experience.

Give your group a taste of what’s to come with a cooking demo. Caterers prep meals right before their eyes, which also preps guests’ palates for what’s to come.

Drink your veggies.

You know they’re good for you, so why not serve up the veggies in a cocktail? Seriously. Bartenders are creating concoctions that incorporate veggies such as beets, butternut squash, radishes and more.

Pretty as a picture.

Focus on presentation is even more critical these days. Social media sharing of your stunning spread is a great way to impress your guests while tempting new customers. A charcuterie board is an always popular idea that is visually appealing and tasty as well!

Keep it healthy.

Be mindful of all those folks with dietary restrictions by offering a nutrition bar stocked with veggies, healthy grains, and proteins for those who want gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Mediterranean and more.

Taste in bloom.

Many flowers are edible and can add a wonderful flavor when added to dishes. Try lavender, elderflower, and orange blossoms for an added treat.

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