Driven to Succeed - Transporting Your VIPs

Meeting and event planning professionals know that managing transportation is the foundation for a successful event. At a miniumum, planners understand that if they don’t get people from point A to point B, there is no event. Smooth execution of transportation sets the tone for an amazing attendee experience. These transportation trends can play a significant role in that experience.   

Real-time management tools.

A good transportation provider has invested in software technology that allows the planner to get real-time transportation information onsite. Many offer planners an iPad with their transportation manifest loaded in an app that allows the planner to track their vehicles on a map, look up chauffeur information, make changes to reservations, receive alerts, check ETA, and message chauffeurs.

Mobile Meetings.

Time is extremely valuable in the meeting and event world. Utilize the time getting from point A to point B to deliver key information to your attendees. Many transportation providers are investing in technology driven vehicles that are equipped with wireless microphones, HDMI inputs, and high-speed Wi-Fi allowing for mobile productivity.  

Diversified fleet options.

When choosing the size and style of vehicles that will be utilized for transporting your group, consider a diversified fleet. For example, if you are shuttling 1000 attendees, don’t just secure large motor coaches. Consider including mini coaches and sprinter vans in your mix. These smaller types of vehicles can maneuver around quickly and can be readily available for that high-level executive that might wander out late.

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