Fall Forecast – Décor Trends for the Upcoming Season

Seasonal Centerpieces

The fall season is upon us. From mustard seed tones to golden yellows and bright canary, the sky is the limit. Choose from seasonal flowers and accents that are bold, as the heart of the decor. Pair with unique metallic or sequined linens, window sashes, centerpieces, and more, or warm neutral leathers for a rich yet warm seasonal feel. Trends in warm yet cheerful sophisticated decor will be sure to evoke hope and energy for all attendees.

Statement Pieces

Feel free to add flare from bold statuettes to sophisticated artwork. Many of these items are things you can rent for your event — keep in mind you can rent more than linens and tableware. Also, remember that larger statues or pieces of artwork can act as natural social barriers if placed appropriately.

Varied Seating

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, remember, your furniture doesn’t have to match in the slightest. You can match wood with lecture, high-top tables with sofas — the sky is the limit when bringing it all together for the event. Choose a variety of textures and types of furniture to accessorize your event. Just try to match some of the mismatches with the decor to tie it all in. Or better yet, consult with one of our Event Rental Companies who can design it for you!

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