Got App? 12 Features that Improve Attendee Experience

Ninety-five percent of event attendees (in North America) now use smartphones, spend more than 92 hours a week consuming content on their mobile devices. If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the mobile event app bandwagon. Conference and event planners around the world are utilizing mobile apps to not only improve attendee experience and engagement, but also to keep attendees updated on important information and to provide a platform for communication.

Here are 12 event app features that will improve attendee experience:

1. Easy to Use White-Labeled Branded Event Apps

Look for a simple, intuitive user interface with goof-proof app navigation and design. White-labeled branded event apps are readymade event apps that you can customize and rebrand to match your event theme and design. These apps allow you to choose a color scheme for your brand logo and icon, display your event name and logo on the app marketplace and on the splash screen to help attendees find your app easily. Using one, will help you appear credible and professional in front of your attendees through a strong brand presence.

2. Targeted Push Notifications

Using push notifications is an effective way to keep your attendees informed prior to and during your event. Segmenting your audience and sending them targeted push notifications ensures higher engagement rates. You may use these to welcome your attendees, remind them about event timings, inform them about last-minute venue changes, and nudge them to take part in post-event surveys.

3. Integrated Matchmaking

Networking opportunities available during business events are one of the key attractions for attendees. Integrate the network matchmaking feature into your event app to give attendees a chance to connect with the right people during the event. Match attendees with fellow attendees, and prompt them to start conversations. Give them the option to connect with more like-minded people by viewing the interest distribution data on the social wall.

4. Event Venue Maps

Don't relay on Google maps to get your attendees to your event, instead, provide an event venue map in your app with parking details to ensure attendees reach desired venues on time. Your app should also contain clear locations of speaker sessions, sponsor hubs, meal breakouts and more.

5. Speed Networking

The speed networking feature works hand in hand with matchmaking. It helps users strengthen their networking opportunities by setting up short one-on-one virtual meetings with other attendees with matching interests. It’s an excellent way for them to start building meaningful relationship.

6. Gamification With Leaderboards and Badges

Gamification is one of the best event app features to include to maximize attendee participation and boost event ROI. It encourages them to network, incentivizes them to stay attentive and participative throughout sessions, and interact with sponsors and exhibitors. Set up a leaderboard, giving attendees points and badges whenever they build their profile, attend a session, or participate in a mid-session game. Promote pre-event contests and giveaways to create the buzz and keep attendees excited before an event.

7. Social Wall

A social wall is a virtual space inside the app where attendees and hosts can share event-related content and interact on these posts. Social walls support different content formats like pictures, gifs, videos, audio, and text posts encouraging attendees to engage with other attendees’ posts by providing an easy way of communication.

8. Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Virtual exhibitor booths not only provide your exhibitors another way to showcase their products and services but also engage attendees through live demos and contests as well as a chance to connect digitally to answer queries about products and services during the event. You may also provide web links and social media handles here as well.

9. Live Polls and Surveys

One of the best way to boost audience engagement during virtual events, live polls or surveys between a session or immediately after a session helps gauge how impactful a particular session was.

10. Enable Download and Replay Facility

Enable download and replay facility to allow registered attendees who missed live sessions to watch them at their convenience. This also helps attendees who had trouble taking notes while listening live to revisit these sessions.  Always provide a high-definition recording of sessions to ensure the best watching experience.

11. Speaker Profiles

Speaker profiles help attendees identify and bookmark the sessions they want to attend. The time and venue of their pre-event get-to-know session or main session are also relevant to attendees. Don't forget to provide speaker web links and social media handles.

12. Don't Forget to add a Virtual Help Desk

It takes some time for attendees to get to know your event app. Even though virtual walkthroughs or other tutorials are helpful, a virtual help desk or chatbot facility is necessary. This can assist people in registration pages with queries about payment and other matters and can also resolve any technical difficulties faced by app users.
Now that you know the 12 event app features every attendee covets you can now get started on building the perfect app for your next meeting or event.

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