Sales Pitch — The Best Ways to Market Your Event

All the planning is in done. The countdown has begun. But you’re still waking up at night in a cold sweat…what if nobody comes? Calm your fears and get some rest! These ten tips on marketing your event will ensure that everyone shows!

1. Website. Whether it’s an entire website devoted to the event or a single landing page, do digital and they’ll be lined up at the door. Make sure your site includes a spectacular description of the event, along with an agenda, featured speakers, food and beverage service and any photos or videos that help to promote the gathering. Don’t forget a prominently displayed registration button too!

2. Include keywords. Optimize your content so those searching relevant keywords will find your event via Google organic search.

3. Social media. It’s called “social” for a reason! Engage with your attendees or prospects. Give them all the important details, along with links to your website, and be sure to monitor your posts for feedback or questions. Again, include that all-important Register NOW button.

4. Alert the press. Local press and media outlets and industry association publications may be very interested in your event. Send out a press release that includes links to your website and social media channels.

5. Blog about it. Get potential attendees excited about the happening, by blogging about it. The more details you can share, the greater their interest will be.

6. Audience participation. Ask guests who have attended in the past to share their memories, photos, or thoughts about their experiences.

7. Encourage sharing. When someone registers for the event, encourage them to share that information on their social media site along with relevant links or hashtags.

8. Go local. If local businesses are involved with services like catering or AV production, ask them to get involved and promote your event to their customers.

9. Make it a contest. Coordinate with local media to create a contest with free or discounted event tickets as the prize.

10. Work with influencers. Your speakers may have a wide following on social media and online. Ask them to promote your event to their audiences.

Have a wonderful time and quit worrying! When you follow these tips, you’re sure to see the turnout of your dreams!

Kris McNeely, Content Editor | meetingpages |

As a freelance editor and writer for more than twenty years, Kris McNeely has had the opportunity to write and edit everything from non-fiction books to blog posts, web content to white papers, ads to articles. She was named an Erma Bombeck Humor Writer of the Month, has been featured in multiple anthologies, and was selected by Amtrak Railway Service as one of five travel writers from among a pool of 1500 applicants nationwide. In her free time, she likes to jog, garden, travel, and spend time with her two kids and three grandchildren.