Trendy Travel - The Most Popular Ways to Get There These Days

There is a growing move amid the pandemic to more local and regional events, to use as a safeguard against future COVID-19 surges. As a result, we’re also seeing a rise in themed programs that celebrate the best of the surrounding area and region. The immediate future lies in smaller and more self-contained programs, which can help to minimize travel costs, maximize attendance and keep events manageable. What better place than to travel to a local resort? This season, the trend is all about retreating to local resorts. And these days, remote resorts are no longer backwoods campsites that time forgot, but instead, state-of-the-art, sophisticated and even breathtaking event experiences. Just look at what you get when you resort travel:


What can be better than a full-service, all-inclusive venue with every amenity you can imagine all conveniently located on site? Choose from a variety of resorts when planning your retreat - from casino to mountain, lake, ski, sportsman and waterpark – and expect the wonderfully unexpected.


With event managers on-site, you get the hands on, dedicated staff you need to help you plan the best possible experience for your attendees.


Though many resorts seem remote and even rustic, most now feature lux amenities like day spas, masseuses and salons.

On-site catering.

What makes this especially appealing is that you don’t need to go looking for additional vendors for buffets and banquets. Everything delicious you hunger for is right where you are.


When it comes to a business retreat, you want your attendees to feel relaxed enough to contribute to the business at hand. Resorts cultivate a tranquil atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovative thinking.


Free high-speed WiFi, projectors, electronic white boards, sound systems, hybrid you name it — just because a resort is out of the city doesn’t mean the place is out of touch. Resorts will often even have an on-site AV staff dedicated to catering to your technology needs.

Team building.

Offering spacious meeting rooms and even outdoor options that give your team the room they need to really generate new ideas and connect as a cohesive unit with plenty of space to social distance.


A surplus of leisure time activity offerings give your attendees an awesome work/play balance. From skiing to boating, golfing to watersliding, hiking to horseback riding, the choices are endless.


Full-service resorts will often offer a fully outfitted business center, concierge services, restaurants, shops and comfortable accommodations. Who could ask for anything more?


There will always be those who are unable to attend, but up-to-date resorts will often offer you the technology needed to allow those absent to virtually attend your meeting or conference.


The combination of stunning landscapes, comfortable accommodations, amazing activities, fabulous food in a resort environment will ultimately lead to a re-energized team when you all (sadly) have to leave your resort and return to the real world.


Just because your surroundings are pastoral, doesn’t mean your attendees will be sans luxury. In fact, many resorts today cater to the lavish and opulent experience, ensuring that you’ll book next year’s retreat with them again … and again the year after.

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