True Blue — This Season's Trending Tone

Pantone has unveiled their pick for color of the year — Classic Blue. In color theory, blue has long been associated with creating a sense of calm, reducing stress, creating order, and inspiring confidence. It is the color of the sky and the ocean and conveys serenity and peace. All these attributes are positive qualities you’d like linked with your next gathering. Here are some ways you can incorporate Classic Blue into your meeting or event:

• Signage. Welcoming your attendees to your event with blue signage will give them the sense that they’re entering a stress-free zone. Even if your brand colors don’t include blue, incorporating some blue into your signage will enhance the look and feel of your event.

• Website/Social Media. If you’re creating a microsite for the event, including blue in your color palette will communicate trust and instill confidence. Fortunately, Facebook already uses a blue palette, so much of the work there is done for you already.  

• Linens. If your budget doesn’t allow for specialty linens on every table, you can still go blue. Add blue napkins and table runners to white tablecloths for high contrast and an elegant look.

• Florals & Centerpieces. There are myriad varieties of blue flowers that will add true blue to your table. Tall, lacy-looking Delphiniums, perky Asters, fluffy Hydrangeas, pompon-like Globe Thistles, and delicate Bellflowers are just a few blue flowers that will make any arrangement stunning. In lieu of flowers, blue votives on mirrored tiles will add a twinkling cheerfulness as centerpieces.

• Food & Drink. In addition to the blueberry, there are more blue foods than you might imagine. Blue corn, cooked red cabbage, purple potatoes (which turn blue-purple when cooked) and blue cheese to name a few. Specialty cocktails are always fun to include and there’s no shortage of blue ones. Consider adding the Blue Hawaiian, Moody Blue, The Blue Dragon, or Blue Lagoon to your menu.  

• Lighting. Create an ambiance with blue lighting. Your brand name in blue neon will make a big impression. Blue uplighting will wash surfaces and foliage with color and create an impressive visual effect. Strings of twinkling blue lights is a dazzling way to mimic starlight in your space.

Kris McNeely, Content Editor | meetingpages |

As a freelance editor and writer for more than twenty years, Kris McNeely has had the opportunity to write and edit everything from non-fiction books to blog posts, web content to white papers, ads to articles. She was named an Erma Bombeck Humor Writer of the Month, has been featured in multiple anthologies, and was selected by Amtrak Railway Service as one of five travel writers from among a pool of 1500 applicants nationwide. In her free time, she likes to jog, garden, travel, and spend time with her two kids and three grandchildren.